Electric Mine Air Heaters

Electric heaters

Electric energy provides a simple and safe mine air heating solution with zero emissions.

The ideal option where power can be made available at a reasonable cost.

All electric heaters are built with the same modular design philosophy as our direct-fired heating systems. Typically, the design configuration and capacity of an electric mine air heater are limited only to the electric power available.

Electric heaters use industrial-grade, Incoloy tubular elements selected for optimal functionality and maintenance. In addition, heating elements are specifically designed and installed in banks to allow ease of removal for service and maintenance.

Electric heating systems include SCR and PLC control systems and can consist of all necessary electrical infrastructure for power delivery and isolation.



Main benefits

  • No fuel requirements
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • Zero emissions
  • Ease of installation
  • Easily combined with fuel-fired systems for operational and Opex flexibility
  • A unique modular design approach
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Notable installation

A high-grade underground mining operation located at 1,360 meters above sea level in Northern British Columbia (BC), Canada.

Due to difficult conditions of temperature, a hybrid (Electric/LPG source) mine air heaters solution was installed:

  • Four MW (2 MW per fan) of electrical heaters as the primary heating method.
  • They were located in front of permanent primary fans.
  • The electric mine air heating system is used to take advantage of low electricity prices.
  • The climatic data from the site was considered to quantify the amount of annual electric power.


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