ACI Mine Air Heaters

Howden's ACI Mine Air Heaters are avialble in the following configurations: Portable, Permanent, Direct Fired, Indirect Fired, Horizontal Discharge, Vertical Discharge, Single Fan and Multi-Fan. ACI heaters are capable of burning everything from Natural Gas and Propane to Waste Oil.

Howden have for many years been the leader in supplying Total Mine Ventilation Solutions and, with the acquisition of Advanced Combustion Inc. (ACI), is now a leading supplier of Turnkey Heating Solutions. Systems offered include complete heater houses either 'Penthouse' style or Horizontal dual or single fan models with louvre or birdscreen inlets.


Direct Heater Products

SIMPLEX heater


The SIMPLEX design is compact yet powerful enough to provide up to 300,000 cfm of heated air that can prevent shaft and ramp freeze up amid harsh and cold conditions.

Ultra Low emission heater

Ultra Low Emission Mine Heaters

Ultra low NO2 emissions mine heating solution that can be fully integrated with an existing ventilation system.

Indirect Heater Products

Electric Mine Air Heaters

Electric Mine Air Heaters

Electric energy provides a simple and safe mine air heating solution with zero emissions. The ideal option where power can be made available at a reasonable cost.

Thermal Heat Recovery

Thermal Heat Recovery

Combined heat recovery systems result in operational flexibility and reduced emissions.


  • Custom Control Systems
  • Valve Train Design
  • Vertical or Horizontal Discharge

Notable installations

  • 800,000 SCFM Direct Fired, Horizontal Discharge Mine Air Heater - Propane
  • 350,000 SCFM In-Direct Fired, Horizontal Discharge Mine Air Heater - Waste Oil
  • 1,000,000 SCFM Direct Fired, Vertical Discharge Mine Air Heater - Natural Gas
  • 350,000 SCFM In-Direct Fired, Horizontal Discharge Mine Air Heater - Artic Diesel

Further details

Dependability, reliability, premium efficiency, serviceability, and low emissions are key considerations in the proper design of a mine shaft heating system. Our ACI range combines decades of engineering experience with state-of-the-art combustion and heat transfer technologies to provide optimum heating solutions that are dependable, reliable, efficient, easy to maintain and service and are environmentally friendly. We ensure that every heater is designed to operate safely and effectively in harsh environments, like the Canadian Arctic, that require careful consideration of every detail.

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