Axial, Centrifugal and Cooling for industrial applications.

Since 1854 Howden has been at the forefront of engineering fans, from small vent fans to large sinter and power fans. We have the widest range on the market and our application expertise is the reason that we are trusted around the world. We have the in-depth knowledge and years of experience that will help make projects easier for you, while delivering a successful outcome. Howden can deliver the whole package to meet your needs – making sure that everything works as a package, achieving maximum efficiency and reducing hassle and cost.

Our industrial fans are continually improving with leading edge technology, along with advancements in the digital solutions that we can supply to monitor and control them. We will support you at very stage - specification, technical clarification, commercials, engineering, installation and maintenance, and with our Howden Care programme you will receive pro-active support to help avoid unplanned outages and downtime.

Howden Highlights

Fan Engineering Handbook

Fan Engineering handbook

THE definitive handbook on fan design and fan applications. Ninth Edition - Edited by Robert Jorgensen.

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nordic fans

Industrial Fans in Nordic countries

We serve the Nordic countries with spares and service for industrial fans. Howden also offers spares, services and retrofit solutions to fans from other OEM fan suppliers.

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Cooling Fans

Cooling Fans in the United States

Take advantage of our high performance cooling fans, as we bring our products even closer to your doorstep.

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Centrifugal fan development

Centrifugal fan development in the United Kingdom

Howden can assess whether a switch to variable speed operation is structurally acceptable for a customer's operating requirements.

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