VariaxTM axial flow fans

VARIAXTM Variable Pitch Axial Fans

These axial flow fans are used extensively in the Power industry, especially in situations where high volume, high pressure and precise flow control are required. They are used in Primary Air (PA fans), Forced Draught (FD fans), and Induced Draught (ID fans) positions and as Booster Fans in FGD and SCR boiler applications.

By facilitating the adjustment of the blade angle during operation, the fan is made more efficient and can more accurately match the required duties. The result is cost savings, energy savings and increased lifespan for attached equipment.

Custom built to match your requirements, and with an installbase of more than 3200 units, the Variax range is a reliable and proven choice across a wide range of applications.

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Why choose Howden VARIAX® Fans?

Our reference list

With more than 3200 units sold worldwide, the VARIAX® fan is the proven, reliable and robust choice across a wide range of applications.

Research and development

The VARIAX® fan is the subject of continual research and development, and the interchangeability of parts makes it possible to retrofit, adapt and upgrade with ease.

Custom built to suit

You are assured of a fan engineered precisely to the requirements of the individual application both now and in the future.

Howden technical bulletins

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Issues 16 - 17

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