Garden City - Radial Blade (RF2)

The Radial Blade high temperature fan may be considered the most versatile member of the centrifugal fan category.

The RF2 (Radial Blade) fan is an integral part of industrial systems requiring the movement of process air and gas from ambient to elevated temperatures of 2000°C. The Radial Blade wheel design provides effective performance over a wide range of applications which include pneumatic conveying of various materials and exhausting of process air or gas against high system resistance.


Flexibility is one of the important features of the radial blade fan which is offered in proportional width construction to achieve high static pressure with relatively low capacity. The accurately reduced width of wheel and housing frequency permits a direct connection at synchronous motor speeds, which is often preferred where larger horsepower motors are applied. Stability throughout the entire range of it's performance curve adds to the flexibility of the RF fan as it may be used regardless of the percentage of wide open capacity.

This Garden City RF2 fan series offers the rugged construction necessary to achieve reliable service under the most adverse industrial processes. The design and materials selection are the result of 130 years experience in the air moving field.

RF2 Garden City Fan

Standard Features

  • ​RF2 wheels - insuring maximum life on high speed.
  • Standard Duty shaft for temperatures up to 300°F, with an option for air or water cooled shafts to operate in higher temperatures.
  • ​Heavy duty bearings.

Technical Data

  • Maximum volume (CFM): 105,000.
  • Maximum static pressure: 40" WG.
  • Maximum temperature °F: 2,000.
  • Wheel diameters: 14"to 93 7/9".
  • Plug units: Yes.



Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR) Platforming*

Garden City fans from Howden are the ideal fan for CCR Platforming.

* CCR Platforming is a registered trademark of Universal Oil Products

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