Garden City - Forward Curved (FF2)

The Garden City Forward Curved high temperature fan is an excellent performer in a diversity of applications.

The forward curved fan (FF2) from Garden City depends less on centrifugal force for its pressure and more on velocity pressure conversion in the housing. Consequently, housing design is critical to the fan's performance.

A properly matched combination of forward curved wheel and housing results in a smaller package than any other type of centrifugal fan to meet a given performance requirement. It operates at a slower speed than other types for a given pressure and flow with a relatively low stress wheel, which is particularly attractive for high temperature use.

The performance curve of the forward curved fan exhibits a characteristic unstable area to the left of the peak. If the fan is selected for a point of operation near the pressure peak of the curve and the static pressure value is in error, there is a danger of the actual operating point falling in the unstable area. For that reason, static pressure values must be accurate when evaluating the possibility of utilising a forward curved fan.

It is also important to recognise that the forward curved fan wheel is restricted to handling relatively clean atmosphere. The curvature of the blades tends to trap and retain dust or other particles. Over a period of time, this build-up on the blades will create an unbalanced condition and reduce air handling capacity. 

Properly selected and applied, the forward curved fan is an excellent performer in a diversity of applications. Garden City's FF design is intended primarily for industrial duty, including high temperature service to 2000°F.

FF2 Garden City Fan

Standard Features

  • Insulated / un-insulated housings or plug fan configuration.
  • Air cooled and water cooled shafts.
  • ​Construction options include steel, stainless steel, exotic alloys.

Technical Data

  • Maximum volume (CFM): 460,000.
  • Maximum temperature °F: 2,000.
  • Wheel diameters: 13.5" to 73".
  • Plug units: Yes.


  • ​​​Air recirculation.
  • Homogenising.
  • Preheating.
  • Annealing.
  • Float furnaces.

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