FPX Series Industrial Cooling Fans

High efficiency, low noise cooling fans

The FPX Series uses fixed-pitch ultra-low noise blades. Manufactured as a single piece impeller unit, offering very easy assembly and minimal maintenance, combined with ultra-low noise design. It is available in a wide range of diameters with different blade profiles and blade arrangements, to meet the specification of each low noise project.
Low noise fans offer the possibility to achieve optimum performance with respect to low noise, smaller footprint, increased efficiency and low Capex.


Key features

  • Ultra-low noise impellers with forward swept aero foil profile

  • Diameters from 28 inches (710mm) to 108 inches (2743mm)

  • Fixed-pitch forward swept curved blades

  • Operating temperatures from -20°C to 65°C (-4°F to 149°F) as standard (extendable on request)

  • Suitable for either vertical or horizontal, dry and wet, induced and forced draft configurations


  • Able to handle a wide range of flows

  • Ultra-low noise

  • Optimised aerodynamic and acoustic performance in a smaller footprint

  • Maximised strength at a lower weight to reduce vibration

  • Integrated shaft eliminates concentrations of stress at the mechanical joints giving greater durability and reduced maintenance

  • Safe operation within facilities requiring spark-free equipment

Range graph


The FPX is mainly used in small standardized Cooling Towers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers and Radiators.  The FPX is also able to be deployed in Hybrid Coolers, meaning that the FPX fan can satisfy cooling demands within heavy process industries and well as HVAC-R applications. 

FPXM Cooling Fan

The FPXM combines a medium sized chord, full aerofoil blade profile with low noise and high efficiency. As the FPX-Series Cooling Fans, the FPXM uses fixed pitch blades and is manufactured as a single impeller unit, which offers easy installation and minimal maintenance. The FPXM fan range reduces noise up to 14 dB(A) compared with standard cooling fans and minimizes the size of fan casings and transport cost due to the reduced chord and low weight.


FPX Series Cooling Fans Brochure

The optimum in efficient cooling air provision for low noise environments


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