Fan Scan

Cooling Fan Scan

Minimize the risk of failure, malfunctions and loss of production and avoid unexpected costs. Based on the Cooling Fan Scan, we will advise improvements that could be made to optimize performance, efficiency and maintenance.

The number of fans inspected is depending on the availability of the installation but is limited to two to three day’s standard.


Your benefits

  • Checking the condition of the cooling fan by our specialists
  • Early detection of damage and imperfections
  • Preventing unplanned downtime of your installation
  • Technical Support
  • Advice on optimizing availability and lifespan
  • Full cost control through fixed prices

A two or three-day visual inspection against a favorable fixed price in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany includes:

  • Impeller housing condition and roundness check
  • Condition of the drive and gearbox (incl. pulleys and belts and leakage) checks
  • Condition of hub plate and fasteners checks
  • Condition of the blades (damage and wear) checks
  • Installation sequence and mounting of the blades, including random checks of tightening torques
  • Vibration measurement and analysis
  • Report with findings and advice
  • Optimization advice (e.g. blade angle and capacity optimization) for optimal and safe operation

Fan Scan leaflet

The leaflet is published in German and Dutch. Complete the form to get access to them both.


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