Retrofit of Cooling Fans

The intelligent response to changing demands

Whether driven by the need to increase cooling capacity or reduce noise, a new cooling fan is the most effective route.
Howden fan specialists are able to carry out a full assessment and provide a detailed proposal of potential efficiency improvements and noise reduction from retrofitting fans.


Efficiency Improvements

Because cooling system requirements change throughout the years, an older system may no longer match today’s requirements in terms of capacity and/or noise. Where the production capacity has increased, or needs to be increased, the cooling system may form a bottleneck.Cooling system enhancement can add capacity to the existing equipment, and possibly reduce noise too. Alternatively, existing cooling capacity can be maintained at significantly lower noise levels.
A cooling fan exchange is an effective method of increasing the capacity of your existing cooling system, and the return on investment can easily be evaluated.


Noise Reduction

Noise level has a clear impact on the local environment and regulations can sometimes necessitate reductions. Reductions can also enable plant expansion, when the existing operations are already at the maximum level permitted.
Howden’s retrofit and upgrade service reduces noise at source through the use of super-low noise or ultra-low noise cooling fans.  This can offer a better solution than expensive sound attenuation equipment that enlarges the static pressure of your cooling system and increases its power consumption. 


Key features

  • Capacity increases

  • Noise reduction assessments, design and implementation

  • Fan retrofits

  • Blade upgrades

  • Total fan unit replacement


  • Extend the lifespan of cooling units with minimum investment

  • Noise reductions of up to 20dB(A) can be achieved with potential gains in the cooling performance

  • No extra space required by achieving noise and capacity targets within existing footprint

  • Quickly and easily gain capacity and improved performance

  • Avoid downtime due to cell-by-cell replacement and enable testing prior to full-scale investment

Cooling system enhancement

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