Manufacturing and Testing for Cooling Fans

State of the art facilities

Our expert in-house R&D department formed working partnerships with a wide range of external authorities, including universities and other institutions, to explore the optimum blade profiles, materials and mechanical configurations. We have state-of-the-art test facilities to investigate each permutation and evaluate each development.

The heart of our test facility is located in Hengelo, the Netherlands, where a full-scale test facility is located. Conveniently located at the High Tech Systems Park in Hengelo, the Howden Cooling Fans Competence Centre facilitates the testing and validation of all aerodynamic, mechanic, acoustic and factory repair activities. The new testing facility houses a range of assets that serve to test our latest developments in a controlled environment.
This testing facility provides a vital bridge between lab environments and real-world applications to safely test and validate our ultra-low noise axial fan technology. For example, all aerodynamic and acoustic tests are executed in a full-scale 6ft test rig, completely modeled and engineered to meet the AMCA standards. Beside this unique method, also other assessments can be executed such a full-scale mechanical and bending test. In combination with our chemical lab and our field measurements, this testing facility serves as the most valuable source for all our aerodynamic, acoustic and reliable mechanical data, in order to provide a reliable fan solution for our customers.


Efficiency Improvements

Because cooling system requirements change throughout the years, an older system may no longer match today’s requirements in terms of capacity and/or noise. Where the production capacity has increased, or needs to be increased, the cooling system may form a bottleneck.Cooling system enhancement can add capacity to the existing equipment, and possibly reduce noise too. Alternatively, existing cooling capacity can be maintained at significantly lower noise levels.
A cooling fan exchange is an effective method of increasing the capacity of your existing cooling system, and the return on investment can easily be evaluated.


The results

Our investment has brought dramatic results. Our low noise and ultra-low noise fans not only offer previously unreachable levels of quietness, they also remove the need for, and the cost of, additional acoustic attenuation measures that can themselves increase the static pressure difference across the cooling system and so raise the power consumption required to drive it. Howden cooling fans are now well established as the preferred choice in air cooled condensers, field erected cooling towers, packaged cooling towers, climate control and ventilation systems throughout  the world, in situations where low noise, high efficiency and absolute reliability are essential.

Our accreditation

All Howden FRP cooling fans comply fully with the relevant national and international regulations, and we are fully accredited to

ISO 9001 Quality Management
ISO 14001 Environmental Management
ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety standards

The Fibreglass benefits

  • No bolted connections reducing vulnerability

  • No restriction in shape giving design flexibility to achieve the highest efficiency, lowest power consumption & lowest noise fans

  • Low weight enabling the strength to be placed in the blade area where it is needed most

  • Superior damping of mechanical vibrations (6 times better compared to aluminium)

  • No corrosion and strong resistance against erosion for operation in harsh process environments

  • Non-sparking to comply with ATEX requirements

  • High durability giving long lifetimes of up to 40 years

  • Ability to build in optional features such as leading edge protection, coatings etc.

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