Aftermarket Services for Cooling Fans

Optimised cooling through specialist servicing

Howden’s aftermarket capabilities range from servicing and parts supply through to performance upgrades and retrofits. 
The more advanced services can maximise the life of the fans in each system as well as keep their operation aligned to the latest technical parameters.
Howden offers a free consultation to assess the potential for enhanced performance and noise reduction and can deliver selected options on a turnkey basis.


Key services

  • Spare part supply

  • Retrofit

  • In-house fan blade refurbishments

  • Service agreements

  • Maintenance and inspections

  • Turnkey installation works

  • Supervision and turnkey project execution

  • Aerodynamic measurements, acoustic measurements and performance tests

  • Vibration Analysis, alignment and balancing

  • Troubleshooting and commissioning

  • On-site FRP fan repair


  • Lifetime extension - extend the lifespan of cooling units by expanding capacities to meet new demands

  • Noise reduction - maintain compliant operations by achieving noise requirements within existing footprint

  • Efficiency improvement - gain operational efficiencies and energy savings through improved design and performance

  • Less downtime and unexpected costs - maintain optimum performance and resolve issues through preventative maintenance

Troubleshooting guide for Cooling Fans

Solve issues with cooling capacity, acceptable noise levels and mechanical failures


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