Cooling Fan Brochure

Cooling Fan Brochure

Our fans can be found in industries ranging from power to petrochemicals, as well as many HVAC and refrigeration applications. Our pioneering developments allow the wide range of industries reliant on cooling fans to meet and exceed Ecodesign compliance requirements.

We have been leading the world in the development of high efficiency, low-noise cooling fans for several decades by focusing on the fundamental issues. Our innovative Research and Development programme has been driven by a quest to eliminate noise and vibration, starting from first principles. Rather than develop ways of masking or attenuating noise, at Howden we set out to remove the sources. We succeeded.


Research and development

Our expert in-house R&D department formed working partnerships with a wide range of external authorities, including universities and other institutions, to explore the optimum blade profiles, materials and mechanical configurations. We have state-of-the-art test facilities to investigate each permutation and evaluate each development.

Fans optimised for your needs

Cooling fans are often identified as a significant source of industrial noise. Through intensive and focused research and development over the past 50 years, we have consistently reduced cooling fan noise.

Our response to your requirements

We offer a free consultation to assess the increase in performance and reduction in noise that could be achieved by exchanging a fan. If the outcome is positive, we can carry out a more detailed research programme and present a detailed proposal. From first assessment through performance measurements to the supply of parts, field erection and commissioning, all the work is carried out by Howden's experienced engineers and supervisors.


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