Blade Refurbishment for Cooling Fans

Refurbish Cooling Fan Blades

Howden cooling fans are designed to operate in challenging environments and these conditions can have a serious effect on the fan blades. Over time, the leading edges of the blades can become eroded and small cracks and other detrimental effects can appear in the blade surfaces.
If these impairments are identified early, it is often possible to refurbish and renovate the fan, to bring it back to peak performance at a fraction of the cost of replacement.
The procedure is normally done on our premises, but sometimes it is possible to carry it out on site. Blade refurbishment is the fastest and most cost-effective way to extend fan life and improve deteriorating performance, and it can also prevent the more serious problems that might lead to unplanned downtime or outages.

Preventive measures avoid expensive alternatives or unexpected failure.


Reason for repair

  • Erosion of the wear edge and blade surface

  • Minor surface damage and cracks in the blades


  • Economically attractive solution

  • Prevention of potential unexpected failure and damage

  • Longer life of your blades with increased operational reliability of your system

  • Quick turnaround, in accordance with guaranteed scheduling

  • Full cost control due to a fixed price (if repair is possible)

Refurbishment brochure

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