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Cooling Fans

Howden has been at the forefront of cooling fan technology for over 50 years and continues to innovate. Our fans lead the way in high efficiency and low noise operation.

Our range of cooling fans consists of the D, E, SX and FPX series and are used as part of wet, dry and hybrid cooling systems. They serve a diverse set of sectors from the energy industry in oil & gas facilities and power plants through to light industrial manufacturing plants, datacentres and commercial buildings.

The range offers fans with a low pressure drop of up to 250 Pa and high air flow volume of up to 3000 m3/s. Fans can operate within a standard temperature range of -20 up to 85⁰C and where required can be specially engineered to withstand -60 up to 135⁰C.

Each fan model brings unique benefits to end-users and engineers who are seeking the best in long term performance as well as compact and flexible design solutions.

Our fans are backed up by a comprehensive aftermarket capability to ensure performance is maximised throughout the life of each operation.


Products / Cooling Fans

D-series cooling fan


The D-series has been developed and proven to be the best combination of performance, reliability and price for operation in air-cooled condensers and cooling towers.

e-series cooling fan


The E-series is the choice for heavy duty situations in vertical or horizontal mounting configurations for a wide range of applications.

SX Series cooling fans


The SX-series is the preferred solution for applications with stringent noise requirements and capable of reducing noise by up to 20 dB(A) compared with standard cooling fans.

FPX Series cooling fans


The FPX-series uses fixed-pitch blades, manufactured as a single impeller unit that offers very easy assembly and minimal maintenance, combined with ultra-low noise design.


Our impact on a sustainable world


Carbon emissions avoided by Howden heaters


Tonnes per year



Equivalent to


fossil fuel passenger vehicles driven in one year



Howden’s aftermarket capabilities range from servicing and parts supply through to performance upgrades and retrofits. The more advanced services can maximise the life of the fans in each system as well as keep their operation aligned to the latest technical parameters.

Cooling Fan Selection Software


Since the late 80’s Howden serves the market with our cooling fans selection tool. Constant development led from a basic engineering tool into the CF-P20 cooling fans selection tool and now to the current successor Howden Select for Cooling Fans.


Air Cooled Condensers

  • Howden fans are used in forced and induced draft air cooled condensers (ACCs)

  • Used in power plants as well as industrial facilities as part of HVAC-R systems

Cooling Towers

  • Howden fans are used in field erected and packaged cooling towers (CTs) – counter, cross flow and fan assisted natural draft

  • Used in industries such as power plants, refineries, oil & gas, chemicals and HVAC-R systems.

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

  • Howden fans are used in forced and induced draft air-cooled heat exchangers (ACHEs)

  • Used in refineries, petro-chemical plants, gas treating plants, compressor stations, power plants, and other facilities

  • Also used as radiator coolers for gas engines


  • Howden fans are used in ventilation systems

  • Used in multiple industries from heavy to light as part of HVAC systems

Direct Air Capture

  • Howden fans are used in the CO2 Capture processes

  • Used in multiple industries to draw ambient air through recirculating fluid or solid sorbent which traps CO2


Aftermarket Services

Access our Cooling Fan troubleshooting guide and find out about the ways that we can optimise your cooling solution. Our specialist service teams can maximise the life of your fans.

Blade Refurbishment

The most cost effective way to extend fan life, our fan blade refurbishments will help return your fans to their peak performance.

Manufacturing and Testing

We have invested in creating state of the art facilities that have allowed us to achieve previously unreqachable levels of quietness.

Retrofit Services

Our engineers are able to analyse and assess your cooling system and provide detailed adice on portential improvements.

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