CFi Centrifugal Fans

Configured centrifugal fans for the light industrial market with specially designed selection and costing tools.

The CFi range is the result of genetic developments to meet constantly changing market needs. CFi, the name of this centrifugal range, means: Centripal Fougal iso. The CFI range has evolved from the proven designs of Centripal, Mistral and Fougal ranges taking into consideration product efficiency and the latest manufacturing techniques.

With 100 years of experience, the CFi brings together proven know-how in terms of product design, reliability, efficiency and acoustics to serve your needs.

Our engineers and design resources have enabled us to develop a product suited to your requirements. We validate our developments through finite element analysis (FEA), laboratory and on-site tests conducted by our work and support teams.

The CFi is suited to your clean or dusty air ventilation needs. The standardized design of centrifugal fans reduces manufacturing and delivery times. Yet the multiple design combinations of the CFi range can be adapted to meet your specific needs.


Suited to your clean or dusty ventilation needs

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CFi Fan
CFi Fan

Why choose Howden CFi Centrifugal Fans?

Wide range of applications

Ability to serve a wider range of industries and applications including but not limited to food and beverage, pulp and paper, general industry, dust collection, pneumatic conveying, and general ventilation.

Cost-efficient design

The CFi design allows for a flexible yet cost effective product while offering a suite of blade/wheel options that enables us to provide you with the most efficient product for your application.

Selection and Costing tools

The CFi range is available on Howden Global Fan Select, which has been developed internally at Howden keeping in mind the market requirements as well as the internal business needs. The new range provides a unique costing tool that allows us to work with our customers in designing the best product at the most cost effective point.

Market driven lead times

The nature of the CFi range design, combined with the selection tools and Howden’s industry expertise, allows for manufacturing lead times that meet or exceed market requirements.

Reputation for quality

We are ISO 9001 certified and are regularly audited by major customers and internationally recognized assessment organizations.

Testing and Validation

We validate our developments through finite element analysis (FEA), laboratory and on-site tests conducted by our work and support teams.

Applications and functions

General ventilation

Extraction, fresh air inlet, filtration systems, etc.

Wood - Papermaking

Cyclone blowers for dust removal and drying paper and wood in the manufacturing process

Dust removal

Pressure or vacuum cyclones, blowers or extractors


Ventilation for silos, halls, dryers

Paint booth

Quick-opening fans, oven agitators, manual booth extractors

Furnaces, burners

Combustion air for burners, agitators


Cooling fan, dryers, water extraction from raw materials


Blowers, extractors, fans for ATEX environment


Traction engine ventilation, braking rheostats, transformers, converters, etc.


  • 8 impeller widths (3 released in phase 1)
  • 6 types of blade depending on the fluid conveyed (D, B, P, L, S, T)
  • 14 standard orientations, every 45
  • Bolted or welded construction


  • Diameter: 315 mm to 2,250 (12.4” to 88.6”)
  • Flow rate: up to 115 m3/s (up to 243,671 ft3/m)
  • Pressure: up to 25,000Pa (up to 36 in wg)
  • Efficiency: up to 83%
  • Temperature: -20°C to 350°C (-4°F to 660°F)

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