The improved seal plate design minimises the risk of hub corrosion and keeps the hub safe

The improved seal plate design provides better sealing, easier installation and stronger construction in case of vibration issues

A new and improved seal plate design has been released. The updated design has a strong construction which can withstand vibration issues and it provides a better sealing to prevent corrosion attacks. Furthermore, it makes installation and alignment easier.

Unfortunately, some plants have experienced vibration issues, and in these cases, there is a possibility that the original seal plate design might crack. If there is a crack in the seal plate, cold air can enter the hub, and there is a risk of corrosion attacks.

To keep the hub safe, we have developed an improved seal plate design. The new design has a stronger construction which can withstand vibrations, and it also provides a better sealing and easier installation.

For the majority of plants, this improved version will be sufficient to keep the hub safe.

However, the quality of coal also has an impact on risk of corrosion. Coal with a higher sulphur content increases the risk, and in these situations extra protection may be necessary.

Some plants decide to guard themselves against this increased corrosion risk by installing a combined labyrinth and seal plate. This solution provides extra safety but is also slightly more difficult to assemble and align. On two-stage ID fans, the combined labyrinth and seal plate design can be installed in both the diffusor and in the inlet box.

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Seal plate

Seal plate design overview

Original design (pre 2013)

Design features

  • Basic simple sealing design


  • Easy and flexible adjustment
  • Minimum gap

Improved design (2013 - 2014)

Design features

  • Backing bar and lower screw pitch ensures a round seal
  • Tail on stainless steel seal eases the adjustment
  • Wider base flange gives better support
  • Thicker base plate gives more rigid construction


  • Better sealing
  • Constructed to withstand vibration issues
  • Easier installation and alignment

Combined labyrinth and seal plate design (2014 onwards)

Design features

  • Double sealing system
  • More difficult to assemble and align


  • Provides extra safety in case of corrosion risks
  • Reduces seal air flow

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