JetStream AX Fans

Flexible design and high performance fans for mining and tunneling operations

Howden’s JetStream AX auxiliary mine ventilation fans are designed to give
the highest fan output at low power consumption, providing high efficiencies across a broad operating range.

  • Efficiencies of over 85% are possible

  • A flexible and modular design


Single and twin fan configuration

Howden JetStream AX auxiliary mine fans have robustly constructed steel casings with heavy gauge flanges at both ends of the casing.

The motor is rigidly mounted within the casing to minimize vibration. The electric motors are flange mounted and can be supplied suitable  for differing regional requirements, across  the globe. This gives flexibility with voltages, rating and class combinations.



The JetStream AX not only improves personnel working conditions underground but also expands available working places with improved airflow management.


Efficiencies of over 85% are achievable. The range of fans varies from 762mm to 1600mm in diameter. These sizes align with standard ventilation duct sizes employed in underground mines around the world.

Nonstandard fan sizes are available on request. Numerous duty combinations are available, with the ability for multi stage configurations to achieve higher pressures.

The impeller design allows for varying number of blades and blade angles. The impellers are dynamically balanced and fit directly onto the motor shafts.

Downstream guide vanes with full inner fairing tube and tail cone are incorporated in each fan to ensure maximum static pressure regain.

Features and Benefits

Features High Level Benefits
Fan design The aerofoil blade design gives optimum fan performance. Providing higher fan performance with lower power consumption.
Full inner fairing and tail cone A full inner fairing and tail cone in the fan casing reduces shock losses after passing through impeller and stator vanes, thus maximizing efficiency and reducing noise. For multi-stage operation, an inner fairing spacer is fitted between the stages that allows high- efficiency operation.
Large performance envelope Adjustable pitch aerofoil blades maximise operational envelope and give reliable high-efficiency aerodynamic performance across a wide range. Blade angles are adjustable on standstill.
Flexible modular design Modular design for each fan size gives commonality of parts and flexibility on the arrangement, components, number of stages, thus allowing customization if needed.
Anti-stall chamber add-on option The anti-stall chamber allows for continued safe operation during transient high-pressure events, offering a risk-free process in parallel fan arrangements. This creates a continuously rising pressure characteristic that provides high-pressure capability with a significantly increased operational range. This feature prevents fan stall whilst pressurizing flexible ventilation ducting.

Fan graphs

Jetstream AXN Fan Performance Range
Jetstream AXT Fan Performance Range

Fan total pressure based on fan discharge annulus area, carnot loss and accessory losses not included.

Ventsim CONTROL integration

By reducing blast clearing downtime, Howden can improve production rates by up to 70%

Combining world-class expertise and the latest technology, JetStream AX and Ventsim™ CONTROL brings together impressive production efficiencies in your mine operation. 

  • Increase production

  • Health and safety operation

  • Energy savings

Jetstream AX Fans

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