Industrial turbo compressors to meet the needs of the metallurgical, oil and gas and chemical industries

Howden offers a comprehensive range of Industrial Centrifugal Turbo Compressors up to 600,000 m3/h, with the flexibility to address the specific requirements for your application. Our standardised units with modular design ensure low life cycle and investment cost and short delivery times. Metallurgical, chemical and petrochemical plants as well as refineries are amongst the most common applications for our compression solutions.

Our single stage compressors and blowers with separate gearbox, integrated gearbox, or direct coupled can be matched with a range of drivers – steam turbine or electric motor – in a solution that is customised to the needs of each unique customer. As one of the leading turbo machinery manufacturers with over 100 years of experience and continuous development, and a fleet of more than 4,000 installed turbo compressors and blowers, we are a prime partner for your business.


The comprehensive product range from 600 up to 600,000 m3/h

The comprehensive product range from 600 up to 600,000 m3/h


SF series

SF Series

Turbo compressors with semi-open overhung impeller, supported in a separate bearing pedestal with highest rigidity and optimised rotordynamic behaviour, to serve the most demanding duties in its industries and to smoothly handle corrosive, erosive and sticky gases.

SFG series

SFG Series

Integrally geared turbo compressors with semi-open overhung impeller mounted directly onto the high-speed shaft of the gearbox. Due to its minimum mechanical losses, this series is the preferred highly efficient solution for clean process gas or air service applications.

SL series

SL Series

Turbo compressors with semi-open impeller mounted between the bearings. The SL series is designed to meet the most demanding duties in coke oven gas applications, especially to handle rotor unbalances caused by the sticky cokery gases.

ST series

ST Series

Integral turbo compressor / steam turbine-units with single shaft design, direct driven without gearbox or coupling and supported on a single rotor support stand with minimum mechanical losses. Due to its very low steam consumption and lowest footprint size, the highly efficient design has proven in various process applications.

R series

R Series

Turbo blowers with closed-type impeller in a fabricated, modular design, available in direct drive as well as integral or separate gear configuration, allowing optimum adaption to nearly all process requirements.

A full range of world-class industrial turbocompressors

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