Single Shaft Multistage Vertical Split

Our vertical compressors are designed for a wide variety of gases, therefore they can be applied in many applications and industries. The vertical split compressors are providing the highest discharge pressures of our range of centrifugal compressors.

Centrifugal Compressor Single Shaft Mulitstage Vertical Split

Key Features

  • They are hermetically sealed using either dry gas, contact-type oil or floating ring oil technology.


  • ​Beside the 13 standard sizes, fully customized designs can be supplied when required.


  • Vertical split compressors are designed for a variety of gases used in the chemical industries, crude oil processing, urea production, and natural gas pipelines, treatment and storage.

Why choose Howden vertical split centrifugal compressors?

Seven decades of experience

Our experience of designing and supplying vertical split compressors started in 1943, when we supplied our first VS compressor, and our global references have grown over 500 units.

Product support

We believe in our products, and in their capacity to provide long term, high value service. We are committed to maintaining and where possible enhancing their performance and extending their working life. Our first commitment, however, is to the customers who have placed their trust in Howden compressors. All of our aftersales services are designed to offer them confidence, security, and peace of mind.


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