Screw Compressor

Rotary Twin Screw Compressors for industrial refrigeration, gas processing and other industries

Rotary twin screw compressor technology was developed in the 1930s by a Swedish company, SRM, in collaboration with Howden. We manufactured the world’s first operational screw compressor and further developed the technology in the 1960s with the introduction of the oil injected twin screw compressor. This has revolutionised designs of refrigeration and gas handling plants worldwide.

Today, in thousands of installations worldwide, our oil injected screw compressors provide high integrity, low maintenance solutions for liquid chilling, direct refrigeration and gas compression applications.

Howden manufactures oil injected and oil free rotary twin screw compressor packages, and supplies bare shaft oil injected screw compressors.



Screw Compressor types


Oil Injected Bare Shaft Screw Compressors

We are a specialist manufacturer of twin screw compressors. We supply oil injected bare shaft compressor units to independent packagers worldwide who design and supply gas and refrigeration systems on a local basis.


Oil Injected Screw Compressor Packages

Our innovative modular designs, alternative sourcing and competitive pricing allows us to offer an OEM solution to the Industrial, Power and Refrigeration markets, whilst maintaining the highest possible quality standards.


Oil Free Screw Compressor Packages

Oil free screw compressors are available in different configurations and materials providing the most compact arrangement, to allow the handling of gases with high levels of liquid, dirt and particulates.

World pioneers of Rotary Twin Screw Compressors

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All rotors for Howden twin screw compressors are machined from solid bar or forgings on highly accurate cutting machinery. The standard material is carbon steel, but forgings or special alloys can be used for more arduous applications. Following machining and balancing to ISO standards, male and female rotors are paired for assembly to ensure the ideal combination for maximum efficiency.

Twin Screw Compressor Rotors
Twin Screw Compressor Casing


Casings are precision machined from castings using state of the art horizontal machining centres to achieve the essential close tolerances. Cast iron is the normally casing material; alternative casing materials are spheroidal graphite iron or various grades of steel. The main casing and the inlet and outlet end covers are flanged, bolted and dowelled through flanges to ensure correct alignment. Removal of the end covers provides ready access for maintenance when required.

Compressor Assembly

All oil injected twin screw compressors are factory assembled by skilled engineers. The casing components are hydraulically tested to a minimum of 1.5 times maximum operating pressure to ensure integrity. Additionally, all oil injected compressors are tested with air under water following final assembly. The compressors are then mechanically run on air test rigs to confirm that volumetric efficiency, absorbed power, oil flows and vibration levels meet the stringent acceptance standards.

Twin Screw Compressor Assembly

How screw compressors work

Twin screw compressors principles of operation.

How screw compressors work



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