RootsTM H Type Compressor

Roots H Type: horizontally split multi-stage compressor.​

​Roots horizontally split multi-stage compressor provides efficient and reliable operation while offering easy access for maintenance. A choice of impeller materials along with a variety of sealing arrangements allows this design to apply to air or process gas applications. The multi-stage design offers low tip speeds extending blower life and offering low total cost of ownership.

Gas flows 9,430 to 105,250 m³/h can be handled.

This machine range is optionally available in a design compliant to API Std 617 engineering practices and testing requirements.

Roots H Type map

Key Features

Horizontally split centrifugal compressor consisting of top and bottom casing halves, rotor assembly, inter-stage diaphragms, seals, and bearing stands. Inlet section is capable of housing fixed or variable guide vanes for flow conditioning/process control. Adaptable for up or down inlet and discharge connection orientations. Capable of meeting API-617.

Technical Data

  • Flow rates from 9,430 to 105,250 m³/h.
  • Polytropic head: 14,000 to 65,000 ft*lbf/lbm (41.8 to 194.3 kJ/kg)
  • Seal Arrangement: Labyrinth, carbon ring, mechanical.
  • Vanes: Variable or fixed inlet guide vanes.


  • Refinery
  • Petrochemical and Fertilizer
  • Water Wastewater
  • General Industry
  • Metals & Mining

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