Reciprocating Compressors

Howden is home to the most important brands in field of reciprocating and diaphragm compressor technology. Burton CorblinTM, Peter Brotherhood, and Thomassen reciprocating compressors technologies are in action all over the globe, frequently delivered to API standards. Both Diaphragm and Reciprocating technologies are proving vital in all gas processing including hydrogen in the mobility, industry and energy sectors through the respective production, transmission and distribution phases where safety remains paramount.

Today’s available technologies and local circumstances in all geographies create new situations where Howden’s compression can play a role.

To help our customers reach their sustainability goals, Howden architects relevant compression solutions designed to integrate large scales infrastructure applications to increase energy & production efficiency and minimize carbon emissions.

Working in tandem with our customers, our engineering DNA and experience delivers the winning combination by creatively balancing technical specifications, interface requirements, ambient considerations and future operating conditions.

This approach results in the delivery of compression solutions fit to the purpose of the applications infrastructure they ought to serve providing piece of mind to our customers.

Howden compressor technologies have been setting standards in compressor engineering for more than 100 years.

Ready today to accelerate the energy transition…


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