Oil Injected Screw Compressor Packages

Proven and highly reliable products that are trusted throughout the world

​We specialise in the engineering, design and manufacturing of high specification process gas screw compressor systems, based around Howden’s range of proven and reliable bare shaft screw compressors.


​Max Pressure Up to 75bar​ ​1,087 psia
​Max Power ​Up to 8,500 kW ​11,400 hp
​Max Flow rate ​Up to 29,000 sm3/hr ​24 mmScfd
​Max Speed ​Up to 5,000 rpm


Key Features and Benefits


The synthetic oil is an integral part of the machine, it is specifically engineered to suit the specific process. It can, for example, be designed to keep the gas within the machine at neutral acidity, whatever its original pH value.



High discharge pressures


Integral capacity control


Compact and lightweight with few moving parts


Effective / efficient temperature and dew point control



Our oil-injected screw compressors packages are used in processes such as:

  • Gas gathering.
  • Sour gas handling.
  • Gas re-liquefaction.
  • Fuel gas boosting.
  • Process refrigeration.
  • Flash gas.
  • Gas recycling.


Service and upgrades

Supporting you throughout the lifespan of your equipment

Howden provides a lifelong aftercare service, from supplying original Howden spare parts to providing expert maintenance services and engineering trouble-shooting.

Howden factory trained technicians are able to perform complete overhauls of your existing screw compressors at a very competitive price, saving you money and unscheduled downtime.

Our technicians  will disassemble and perform a thorough inspection of all your compressor comments.

Find more information below detailing our Screw Compressor Aftermarket expertise -


Howden Service Agreement

With a Howden service agreement, you get optimised maintenance and proactive support to improve the performance of your equipment, resulting in higher reliability and availability and lower operating costs.

Performance upgrades and retrofits

Our performance upgrade teams are specialists in extending the life of our equipment. Often called retrofits these projects come about as a result of technology improvements which allow us to upgrade the equipment and improve its performance.


Howden Select

Start your product selection

Our easy to use screw compressor selection software provides customers with the ability to input their selection criteria, generating the optimum product selection tailored to their needs and application instantly. With the ability to develop screw compressor configurations in real time, customers can access the software anytime, anyplace and anywhere.


Why Choose Howden Oil Injected Screw Compressor Packages?

Reliable and Proven

Our oil-injected packages are proven and highly reliable products that are trusted throughout the world.

Customer Designed

Complete packaged systems, custom designed to meet the customers needs.

API Compliant

All of our screw compressor packages are built to API and other international standards.

Widest Possible Range

The world’s largest range of screw compressors delivering high reliability and performance for refrigeration and gas compression applications.

Global Presence, Local Support

In our experience, there is no substitute for local support; that’s why we have local teams ready to help.

Matched to Your Needs

A wide choice of configurations and application-focused design services allows us to precisely match your requirements

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