Oil Injected Bare Shaft Screw Compressors

Howden is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of twin screw compressors.

​Our wide range of oil injected screw compressor are supplied globally and exclusively to our global network of nominated compressor packaging customers and suppliers. Delivering high reliability and performance for refrigeration and gas compression applications globally.


​Max Pressure Up to 75bar​ ​1,087 psia
​Max Power ​Up to 8,500 kW ​11,400 hp
​Max Flow rate ​Up to 29,000 sm3/hr ​24 mmScfd
​Max Speed ​Up to 5,000 rpm

Howden Select – Designed with the customer in mind

Our easy to use screw compressor selection software allows you to simply enter your performance parameters. It will the take your data and select the optimum screw compressor for you.

Howden Select for Screw Compressors


Our Nominated Packagers - recognised experts in packaging Howden oil injected screw compressors

Howden Compressors works in partnership with Nominated Packagers and distributors worldwide, who are experienced in incorporating Howden’s screw compressor products within refrigeration and gas compression packaged solutions. Through these organisations Howden Compressors enhances the dedicated support it offers its customers and end-users in meeting the growing demand for its range of oil injected screw compressor products and aftermarket services.

Key Features

  • Compact size and light weight
  • Designed for long periods of continuous running
  • Choice of casing materials
  • Positive displacement design eliminates surging
  • Rotary action for vibration-free running


  • ​Cost effective to run and install
  • ​Reliable and easy to maintain
  • ​Long life and uses less power
  • ​Simple mechanical configuration
  • ​Minimised acoustic signature


  • Our oil-injected screw compressors provide high integrity, low maintenance solutions for liquid chilling, direct refrigeration and gas compression applications.
Testing Studio

Screw Compressor Testing Studio

Witness testing is a critical stage of the customer experience when purchasing a compressor, Howden have transformed its customer experience with the upgrade of the test studio in the screw compressor manufacturing facility in Renfrew, Scotland.

Learn more about our studio

Why choose Howden oil injected screw compressors?

Global Presence, Local Service

In our experience, there is no substitute for local support; that’s why we have local teams ready to help.

Innovation and experience

In the 1930s Howden was the world’s first commercial developer and manufacturer of rotary twin screw compressors, and remains at the forefront of the technology.

Manufacturing excellence

State of the art machine tools are used to attain the highest possible accuracy and tolerances to produce compressors with efficiency and outstanding reliability.

Matched to your needs

A wide choice of configurations and application-focused design services allows us to precisely match your requirements

Widest possible range

The world’s largest range of screw compressors delivering high reliability and performance for refrigeration and gas compression applications.

Reliable and proven

More than 40,000 Howden oil-injected compressors, many installed decades ago, are currently delivering round the clock service throughout the world.

Rotary Screw Compressor documents

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Product Range

WRV Series

Double-walled casing design, robust, proven and highly reliable oil injected range, which includes the world’s largest capacity oil injected screw compressors. Howden’s WRV range of screw compressors are well proven, offer high reliability and versatility, and are designed for a wide range of applications.

Model Spec Sheets: WRV 163, WRV 204, WRV 255, WRV 321, WRViT 580

XRV Series

Singled-walled oil injected range, developed specially for the refrigeration market, allowing ease of installation and ideal for horizontal separator applications. Howden’s XRV range of screw compressors have been developed specially for the refrigeration market.

Model Spec Sheets: XRV 163, XRV 204

M Series

A new industrial-standard quality built screw compressor, complete with a suite of specification options, to meet the design and build needs of compressor packagers and reduce the operating costs of end users.

It offers a reduced footprint and high efficiency rotor profiles in a modular design that allows for ease of packaging. You can read the full specification document here

Model Spec Sheet: M127

Brochure: M127 brochure


High pressure compressor offering up to 75 bar discharge pressure. Designed for high pressure screw compressors applications such as fuel gas boosting.

Parts & Service

Lifetime Support

Our lifelong aftercare service will supply original replacement parts, support you with maintenance and installation, and even train your own engineers in maintenance techniques. We keep detailed plant records almost indefinitely, and regularly supply spare parts for machinery over 50 years old.

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