Configured Screw Compressor Packages

Our configured package solution is compact and reliable, and can be configured to suit specific customer requirements. By standardising the design, faster lead times can be achieved without compromising the integrity or performance of the screw compressor package

Howden has extensive knowledge and experience of all major industrial gas applications around the world. Our configured screw compressor package solutions are extremely versatile and the integrated step-less capacity control of the screw compressor enables the customer to operate at the most efficient point at all times.

The configured screw compressor package can be used in a number of different applications including; Wellhead compression, Nodal compression, Fuel Gas Boosting, Process Cooling, Boil Off Gas (BOG).

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Technical information

Screw compressor packages are built around Howden’s world leading bare shaft screw compressors.

Max pressure

Up to 75bar
1,087 psia

Max power

Up to 8,500 kW
11,400 hp

Max flow rate

Up to 29,000 sm3/hr
24 mmScfd

Max speed

Up to 5,000 rpm

Providing peace of mind

Being the OEM of the configured screw package, Howden has complete responsibility for all aspects of the package. This will provide the customer with the peace of mind that should any issues arise, Howden will manage these and provide a solution.

Howden commercialised the first twin screw compressor in the 1940’s and has continued to be a world leading supplier of screw compressors for over 70 years. Our global organisation ensures there is a permanent presence on every continent and a network of engineers dedicated to offering a local response wherever and whenever required.

Configured options

It is easy to configure your package

Gas conditioning equipment

Stand-by pump and filters

Condition monitoring

Variable speed control

Enhanced oil removal

Unit control panel

Additional instrumentation

Hot stand-by

Thermostatically controlled compressor discharge temperature

Material certification

Configured Screw Compressor Package

Key Features

  • Standardised core package design
  • Designed to Howden demanding standards
  • Competitive commercial offering
  • Accelerated lead time


  • ​Reduced footprint
  • ​High reliability and availability
  • ​Low noise and vibration
  • ​Robust design


  • Process Cooling
  • Fuel Gas Boosting
  • Field Compression
  • LNG

Why choose Howden configured screw compressor packages?

Configurable to your needs

Choose any number of configurations to add on to the core module to suit a specific application

Maximising operating efficiency

Howden control systems maximise operating efficiency and provide infinitely variable capacities over a wide duty.

Global Coverage

Our regional sales and service centres located around the world ensure our customers have a local specialist to respond to specific customer needs.

Modern manufacturing

Our state of the art production facilities and strict quality controls guaranties a highest degree of reliability and quality.

Reputation for quality

We are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and are regularly audited by major customers and internationally recognised assessment organisation.

Reliable and proven

Our screw compressor packages are proven and highly reliable products that are trusted throughout the world.

Configured Screw Compressor Gallery

Configured Screw Compressor Package Configured Screw Compressor Package Configured Screw Compressor Package Configured Screw Compressor Package Configured Screw Compressor Package Configured Screw Compressor Package Configured Screw Compressor Package

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