Vortex® Regenerative Blowers

Single stage regenerative blowers

Single stage regenerative blowers are workhorses in many industrial, commercial, municipal, and institutional settings that require efficient air and/or gas movement. With a high degree of application flexibility plus a low level of noise and heat production, regenerative single stage blowers are prized for their ability to move large quantities of air in a non-positive displacement fashion.

Instead of using positive displacement to force the movement of air, a regenerative blower relies on the simplicity of its design to move air over its rotating blades and out through its exit port. Typically small and requiring little maintenance, this style of blower is widely used in settings that need a consistent rate of air flow to remove contaminants like smoke, vapors and dust.

At Howden, our Vortex regenerative — side channel — blowers are 100 percent American-made with the exclusive use of U.S.-made components. Additionally, to ensure their quality and performance, we manufacture all of our Vortex regenerative blowers in our 200,000-square-foot facility in Windsor, Connecticut, where they are also rigorously tested and readied for immediate shipment.



We use a single stage blower powered by a C-faced motor — all in a small package with aluminum castings to reduce size and weight.


Our blowers have an outstanding performance range — they’re capable of volumes up to 645 SCFM, vacuum ratings to 104” H2O and pressures rated to 108” H2O.


Using well-built components, high-strength impellers and housings, sealed bearings and double lipped elastomeric shaft seals, our blowers are made for a long, trouble-free operational life.

Oil-free and Quiet

Our regenerative blowers feature oil-free air delivery suited for healthcare, scientific and sensitive electronics settings. Plus, our unique annular chamber reduces noise while facilitating a smooth laminar airflow. Our impeller and Vortex designs produce far less noise than paddle wheel constructions.


All of our Vortex blowers come with our patented unique inlet/discharge flange — U.S. Patent 5,791,870 — that allows you to reverse the flange to make either tube stub or threaded connections depending on your needs. Moreover, our blowers are available in a variety of voltages, and you can choose between TEFC or explosion-proof motors.

Sample Applications

Printing, food and chemical processing, textile, metalworking, waste treatment, environmental protection, aquaculture, business machine and medical equipment. These are some typical uses involving holding, carrying, evacuating, transferring, aerating and ventilating.

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