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Howden turbo compressors family video

If you need a Roots blower, turbo small or large, or an aftermarket support engineer, you need Howden.

The team at Howden really wanted to tell you all about our fantastic range of compressors and why we love them so much. So we decided to let them...Here in Frankenthal. Here in Renfrew. Here in Weihei, we produce our highly successful turbo blowers ranging from the 200 millimetre impeller up to a two point two meter design. Giving you world class leading efficiencies and a reputation for reliability that is unsurpassed. The turbo family of machines within Howden is a range of centrifugal blowers and compressors that rotate at speeds up to 500 meters per second and beyond.

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For wastewater treatment we have over 6,000 installations across the world. With our HV-Turbo and KK&K products we are number one in the single stage integrally geared market. By increasing our range of machines and increasing the family, we have more experience in our field than any other manufacturer, we can offer you the right solution. If you need the best we make it, if you need the best we make it, if you need the best we make it. We are constantly working on new and innovative solutions for our customer needs just like our EasyAir Turbo high-speed driven compressor.

Here in China we are producing our brand new high speed drive turbo blower. Primarily targeted at the water market, the wastewater treatment market, a virtual standardized machine, plug-and-play concept there's no complex pipe work, foundation blocks, installation cranage. All those problems that are our cost of plant, overall cost of plant, the customers have a solution that can easily be put in place, wired up, piped up to the mains and away they go. Because we have a machine running on magnetic bearings, there's extremely low maintenance requirements on the machine, and it's very important to have that product in the Howden family so we can offer a flow range from the smallest to the largest. Efficient, high reliability and ease of installation. For the customer having something that they can basically bring in, set down, connect power and go..that's their big benefit.

With the invention of the Roots blower in 1854, knowledge keeps being passed along generation to generation and each generation increasing, adding that technical knowledge to make it a better product year after year after year. We handle both air and gas applications it applies to all a wide range of applications in industry. We develop very tight relationships with our customers and with our distributors and they become part of our extended family and it just confirms all that passion and pride that we have in our products. We also have the ability to service these machines on a global basis to serve them in an aftermarket and working as a team to deliver a great product to all of our customers. And all across the globe all these customers that we serve really become many of them become very close ties or family ties that we have in relationships we develop with them.

We are also able to assist you with any upgrade or retrofit work, mechanical, electrical or PLC and process, we believe in a cradle-to-grave philosophy for our support services and deliver results to our clients all over the world. The Howden turbo family of centrifugal compressor provides the highest efficiency and widest range of turbo compressors available through one company and the Howden global network of aftermarket services gives customers that confidence. If you need a Roots blower, turbo small or large, or an aftermarket support engineer, you need Howden. You need Howden.

If you need the highest availability and reliability, your choice is Howden

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