SG Turbo blowers and compressors

Howden's SG range of turbo blowers and compressors provide high efficiency over a wide operating range.​

​These products can be designed and supplied with integral or separate gearing, and as stand-alone units or complete packages.

​Pressures Up to 2 bar​ 29 psig
​Power ​Up to 5,000 kW 6,700 hp
​Flow rate ​Up to 120,000 m3/hr ​80,000 CFM
​Tip Speed ​Up to 450 m/sec 1,476 ft/sec​

SG centrifugal turbo blowers and compressors

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Key Features

The SG range operates to a constant speed provided by a horizontally split gearbox that requires minimal maintenance and is encased within a compact package design.


  • Standard industrial or bespoke designs with compact skid design.
  • High efficiency impeller.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Minimum downtime.
  • Designed to suit all environments.


Our range of turbo blowers encompasses industrial type blowers used in the power, mining and water industries, while our turbo compressors are best suited for API specification type applications in the downstream oil and gas industry.


Why choose Howden turbo blowers and compressors?

Engineering excellence

Our engineering design focuses on product integrity, long operational life and maximum efficiency.

Maximising operating efficiency

Howden control systems maximise operating efficiency and provide infinitely variable capacities over a wide duty range.

Manufacturing excellence

We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality blowers and compressor in the industry.

Global coverage

Our regional sales and service centres located around the world ensure our customers have a local Howden specialist to respond to specific customer needs.

Proven reliability

The Howden range of single stage turbo blowers and compressors provide proven reliability developed over the last 100 years.

Built to API standards

We can offer a standard design of turbo compressor to API 672 or API 617, with minimum deviations.

Howden Turbo Blowers & Compressors range in capacity from 4,000 to a maximum 350,000 Nm3/hr with a pressure rise of up to 2 barg.

  • Adaptability
  • Industrial or bespoke
  • API Standards 617, 672, 614 and 670
  • Compact skid design
  • Turn down to 35% volume flow
  • Efficiency
  • High efficiency impeller – 87%
  • Maintains optimum efficiency in all duty points
  • Reliability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Minimum downtime
  • Designed to suit all environments

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Turbo blowers and compressors brochure

Read about our range of turbo blowers and compressors - including the SG series.



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