RootsTM truck mounted blowers

Truck mounted blowers for the vacuum truck industry .

The Roots TRI-NADO™ TM Truck-Mount, Tri-Lobe Vacuum Blowers have been redesigned to incorporate the latest technology for reduced noise and vibration. These features include:

  • Cast-foot design for reduced vibration
  • Stronger construction for minimum noise and vibration
  • Progressive chamber design that reduces noise and features cooler operation.

Building on over 160 years of blower technology, our truck mounted blowers are quiet and powerful and are established as the ideal choice for vacuum truck OEMs.

2016 saw the launch of the ROOTS™ 827 DVJ WHISPAIR™, which has impressed with it's powerful and quiet performance. Find out more about 'The Beast'.



Key components


The casing is of one piece close-grained cast iron construction. The casing is heavily ribbed to prevent distortion under the most severe operating conditions and incorporates the ROOTS™ WHISPAIR™ feature for reduced pulsation, horsepower and noise levels.


The closed-end impellers are made from ductile iron with high tensile strength, and operate without liquid sealing or lubrication.


The shafts are 3” diameter alloy steel forgings flange connected to the impeller body.

Timing Gears

The impellers are timed by a pair of alloy steel spur gears that operate in an oil bath.


The impeller/shaft assemblies are supported at each end by antifriction bearings.


A patented jet spray oil slinger system provides lubrication to gears and bearings.

Detailed Specifications.

Full specifications of our TRI-NADO™ TM Truck-Mount, Tri-Lobe Vacuum Blowers range can be found in the relevant operation and maintenance manual.

EasyAir MVP


The EasyAir Mobile Vacuum Package (MVP) is capable of providing both vacuum for product loading and pressure for product offloading through an integrated 4-way valve and can be used with a customer supplied hydraulic motor or through shaft for Power Take-Off (PTO) connection.

Learn more about the EasyAir MVP

ROOTS® DVJ WHISPAIR™ 827J - 'The Beast'

The 827 dry vacuum-jetted (DVJ) blower available in gear-end drive for the vacuum truck market and opposite gear-end drive for the industrial market; where v-belt drive is typically preferred. This blower provides a complement to the Roots product family of vacuum truck blowers with performance similar to the Roots™ 1125 DVJ/ Tri-nado™, but a smaller footprint similar to the Roots™ 721 DVJ. Building on more than 165 years of Howden and Roots compressor technology, this blower will benefit vacuum truck OEMs and operators.

The 827 DVJ has 5,775 cfm free air available and is capable of achieving 27” Hg vacuum through the Roots® DVJ technology. “This will give our customers the added advantage of maintaining the free air and vacuum levels available in large blowers while providing this in a smaller package and thereby increasing the payload capacity of our customers trucks,” said Carlos Delgado, Howden Rotary Products Director.


Spare Parts

Lifetime Support

Every product we deliver is backed by an unequivocal lifetime commitment to spare parts and product support. Replacement parts are made using the original production drawings, so that compatibility and quality are guaranteed. We also offer a full upgrade and enhancement program that allows customers to take advantage of new developments or adapt existing equipment to changed conditions.

Service and Maintenance

Worldwide service centres

Howden owns and operates strategically located blower maintenance and repair facilities in the following areas: Connersville, Indiana, Houston, Texas, Mexico City, Mexico, Dubai, UAE, Shanghai, China. Additionally we have additional authorized service capability via an extensive network of distributors and agents.

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