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The pressures on plant operators have never been greater. Changing demographics in the workplace are leading to a loss of expertise amongst plant personnel. Increasing regulations covering issues from safety to emission control, while valuable, add to the difficulties of everyday management.

Howden has a long association with the power industry. In talking to utility company managers and others in the sector, we became aware of a real, and growing demand, for a service company that could, safely, reliably and cost-effectively, move on site and carry out wide-ranging maintenance operations to OEM standards within strict schedules and budgets. If this could be done with the minimum possible disruption to the everyday working of the power station, it would offer a valuable new resource to the industry.

The philosophy of turnkey is simple

Whatever the job, from routine servicing to major rebuilds or restructuring, we undertake and manage the whole process. We supply the equipment, the expertise and personnel, the parts and logistics, and the specialists and supervisors where required. That leaves our customers free to get on with their core business.

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The benefits of the Howden turnkey approach

OEM expertise

No other contractor can match our product knowledge or engineering support. We are in a unique position to help with planning future maintenance and eliminating potential problems.

Project management

We undertake every aspect of the process, from logistics and planning to installation and commissioning, offering one point of contact and one supplier for the entire operation.

Quality of workmanship

Because we know the equipment, and have access to the original drawings, we remove any guesswork and avoid the need for re-working repairs. Problems, when they do arise, can be quickly resolved.

Completion on time

While other suppliers have the option of blaming unforeseen issues or availability of parts to extend projects and drive up prices, we do not. We always meet, or beat, agreed completion dates.

Warranty on workmanship

To our knowledge, no other contractor offers a warranty on workmanship. Our unique depth of technical experience and knowledge of the equipment allows us to do so with confidence.

Fixed price

While other contractors are prevented from guaranteeing a price by their limited product knowledge, we can control project costs, avoid surprises and set the final cost before the work starts.


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