Wet Dust Extractors

​Howden wet dust extractors - an excellent combination of compactness, robust design and economy.

Key Features

  • ​Our wet scrubbers are in use throughout Africa. They are pollution control technologies that remove particulates and pollutants from a furnace flue gas or from other gas streams. In a wet scrubber, the polluted gas stream is brought into contact with the scrubbing liquid by spraying it with the liquid, by forcing it through a pool of liquid, or by some other contact method, so as to remove the pollutants.


  • Howden’s wet, dry, and semi-dry scrubbing solutions are proven options for gaseous emission and particulate control, and are suitable for use on high-temperature applications.


  • ​Particulate removal.

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Our lifelong aftercare service will supply original replacement parts, support you with maintenance and installation, and even train your own engineers in maintenance techniques. We keep detailed plant records almost indefinitely, and regularly supply spare parts for machinery over 50 years old.