SmartEXECTM Ventilation on Demand overview video

SmartEXECTM provides the tool that can take you to another level of world class mining.

Versatile, unique, cost efficient, and geared to optimize your underground operations. Welcome to SmartEXECTM turnkey ventilation solutions. Energy use has a significant influence on the bottom line of your company.

Howden offers you a complete suite of solutions that has the capability of maximizing production, while minimising energy usage. Easy to maintain, with no programming involved, our SmartEXECTM software and hardware suite of products will change the way you do mining. We can assist to unleash the true potential of the mine with regard to optimal energy usage and production targets.

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Ventilation on Demand SmartEXEC control room

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With a state of the art testing facility, we can execute every possible future production scenario and obtain documented evidence of the investment potential. Dynamic airflow management optimizes production capacity and related energy use. The SmartEXECTM turnkey solutions meet this challenge in two simple steps. Firstly, deploy a local plug and play ventilation monitoring and control system due to the cost and the complexity of conventional automation this has been an obstacle to deployment at large in the industry.

The new SmartEXECTM MCS suite of products is revolutionary and is ready to take on this challenge. Based on a non-programming plug and play approach it is engineered for rapid low cost deployment is movable and easy to maintain. The SmartEXECTM hardware has been meticulously built purposely for harsh underground environments.

With the turnkey approach, you get ventilation design and on site surveys, a complete air flow management infrastructure inclusive of regulators, dampers, fans and any other requirement, local measurement and control automation, optimal personnel and vehicle tracking and vehicle operating status monitoring, a complete underground communication network for the SmartEXEC solution and other IT applications, mine wide monitoring control and air distribution optimisation.

Lets recap... SmartEXEC is an expandable turnkey solution for small to large projects that offer the potential for an efficient air flow management system, lower energy consumption, significant greenhouse gases reduction. A system that requires minimum skillset to maintain, easy deployment and re-deployment, pretested components in a virtual environment. Our strongest asset is our workforce, this source of wealth and SmartEXEC will take you to another level of world class mining. We are ready to take on the challenge.


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