The benefits of Ventilation on Demand with Denis Narozhny

At a recent event we caught up with Denis Narozhny and asked him to talk about Howden’s Ventilation on Demand system - SmartEXECTM. Howden has over 160 years of experience of designing and building fans that ventilate mines around the world, and with the acquisition of Canadian company SimSmart in 2015, we are now able to offer a full ventilation control system. In this video, Denis talks about SmartEXECTM and the benefits that it brings your mine.

You always should know about what's happening with the air inside the mine. You always should know what is happening with the atmosphere, in every point of your mine, everywhere. SmartEXECTM helps you to do this. Without this software and also without very good engineering work of our ventilation engineers, it's not very easy to achieve this, but with our software and hardware you know always in real-time, every second, what's happening inside your mine.