Donkin Circular/Rectangular Silencers

​In order to maintain noise control performance during operations it is often necessary to include noise abatement technology such as Donkin silencers in the process.

Key Features

  • Rectangular inline sound attenuators.
  • Increased low frequency attenuation.
  • High noise insertion loss for maximum sound attenuation.
  • Manufactured from pre-galvanized material with the option of heavy casings for high pressure applications.
  • Low pressure drop due to aerodynamic splitter caps.
  • Units are manufactured from pre-galvanized material.
  • Infill material kept in place with galvanized wire mesh.

  • Special construction material grades.
  • Heavy welded construction.
  • Units are also available in clean seal and Melinex lined.
  • Outer casings are also available in other material grades.


  • ​The pressure drop through the units are marginal and can be assumed as the same equivalent on a straight duct.
  • ​More uniform attenuation over the acoustic spectrum.
  • ​Low pressure drop due to aerodynamic POD design.
  • ​Various internal linings to suit a wide range of applications.


  • ​​Noise reduction and control.

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