​Howden was established over 160 years ago. Over that period, many of the world’s best-known technologies, companies and brands have become part of the Howden organisation.

We are committed to providing full support for every one of them. If you need advice, spares or other services for any of the brands listed please let us know by clicking the Make Enquiry button at the bottom of the page.

Find a Fan brand (A-Z):



Aerodyne Fans

Aerex® Fans


Airtech / Airtech Davidson Fans

American Blower

Berry Fans

​​Buffalo Forge

Canadian Blower

Carter Fans

Covent Fan Inc

​Davidson Fans

Donkin® Fans

Engart® Fans

Fantecnic Fans

​Howden Buffalo

Howden Sirocco Fans & Heaters

James Howden

Joy Green Fans

Majax™ Fans

​Nordisk Fans

​Pitstock Fans

Phoenix Fans

Powermax Fans

​Reavell Centrifugal

​Safanco® Fans

Sheldon Fans


​​Sofrair Blowers


​Stork Fans

Sturtevant Fans

Tallares Sanchez Luengo (TSL)

​​Turbowerke Meissen

​Ventilateurs Neu

Ventilatoren Sirocco

Voith Fans

​​Westinghouse Fans

​​Wolf Fans

Wheeler Fans

Find a Compressor brand (A-Z):

Howden Thomassen Compressors

Howden BC Compressors

Howden Compressors Ltd

​​Howden Process Compressors


Thomassen Compression Systems

Burton Corblin® Compressors

​​​Donkin Blowers

Godfrey Blowers

​Periflow® Compressors


Burton Corblin® Pumps

Howden Compressors, Inc.


Compair Reavell Turbocompressors

​Bryan Donkin Compressors and Blowers

Bryan Donkin V50

Thomassen International

ČKD Kompresory a.s.

​ČKD Nové Energo a.s.

Find a Heater brand (A-Z):

Howden Sirocco Fans & Heaters

Tallares Sanchez Luengo (TSL)

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