Element Design and Technology

We have a wide range of profiles available, enabling us to offer the right balance of thermodynamic performance, pressure drop and ease of cleaning for any situation. These profiles can be chosen from our range (which includes the world's first commercially available dual-profile element), or we can match existing profiles that you have already.

We are the world's leader when it comes to producing enamelled elements, which offer a combination of both corrosion protection and good cleanliness when used in rigorous environments.

Our Enerjet™ system offers a powerful, highly effective response to the problems of plugging and fouling in rotary regenerative heat exchangers.

All our elements and associated technologies are manufactured in our state of the art facilities based in countries around the world.

The new NCU ElementTM

The next generation of heat transfer elements for gas fired applications.

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HC Element

The Howden HC Element® design provides an aerodynamically closed profile that both promotes the penetration of sootblower jets and produces a higher thermal performance.

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HCP Element

The HCP Element™ features a radically new design that combines two profiles, each optimised for its specific temperature band. This innovative arrangement significantly reduces cold-end fouling.

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There are a large number of element profiles available for use in our heaters. The best element for a particular application depends on several factors and requires experience in the selection process to understand which are the most important.

In addition to the HC and HCP elements detailed above, Howden can provide a wide range of profiles from our optimised HS range. This includes Double Undulated, Corrugated Undulated, Flat Notched Crossed and Notched Flat/Undulated designs. We can also supply profiles of Rothemühle origin.

Howden elements are packed using our trademarked Surepack system, first introduced in 2005. This uses optimised and automated packing technology to ensure maximum performance and mechanical stability.

Enamelled Elements

High quality acid-resistant vitreous enamelling provides effective resistance to very severe fouling and corrosive conditions and Howden can offer coatings of the highest quality.

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Breakthrough technology that allows us to meet demands for high quality enamelled cold end elements using standard mild steel or Low Alloy Corrosion Resistant Steel (LACR).

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SurePack Elements™

The use of SurePack Elements™ baskets maximises the service life of Howden enamelled elements.

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A highly cost-effective solution to some of the major causes of impaired performance and unplanned outages in air preheaters for all applications.

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