SXT Cooling Fans in Virtual Reality

SXT Cooling Fans in Virtual Reality

You can take a virtual tour of an installation of the SXT series cooling fans. We have created an immersive experience to allow you to view exactly what the SXT fan looks like when in situ.


Instructions to view Virtual Reality

Opens with no problems in Android and iOs (Iphone) but only high-end Windows phones with a gyroscope can show virtual reality. If you see the orange cardboard glass icon at the bottom, then it works.

Low-end models e.g. 520, 620, 635, 640, 735 does not have gyroscope and can only show the 3D model (same way as it will show on a computer screen) but we cannot use them to show the model in the cardboard glasses/virtual reality mode.

Press the cardboard glass symbol at the bottom and the screen divides into two

Place the phone in the cardboard glasses

Look around and point the cursor on the larger orange dots. This will change the angle from which you see the fan

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