Centripal® EU - Industrial Fans

The Centripal® EU has various impeller options, plus direct and belt drive versions. The product is available in both fully welded and bolted construction and is suitable for clean and dusty air applications, up to 350°C continuous as a standard feature.

We have applied over 160 years of experience to develop a product suite that can overcome even the most challenging of mining environments. From automated ventilation control, to robust cooling systems, each of our products are led by what our customers want and need to operate their mine effectively.

Key Benefits

  • 355-1600 mm Æ (14" to 63")
  • 63 m3/s (133 500 cfm)
  • Static pressure up to 20000 Pa (80 IWG)
  • Mild steel painted or hot dipped galvanised after manufacture or stainless steel construction
  • Outlet configurations at every 45°
  • Vibration speed levels as per ISO 14694 - Group BV-3
  • Motor protection IP55
  • High energy efficiency - over 80%

Standard Features

  • Standardised design to minimise despatch lead times from manufacture
  • Detachable section to allow impeller to be removed in situ
  • Suitable for 350°C continuous operation as standard

Optional Features

  • 20 impeller widths to optimise performance
  • 6 fixed geometry impeller types for all applications
  • Arrangement (direct drive, pulley-belt drive, coupling drive)

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