Turbo blowers and compressors

Howden is able to supply a wide range of turbo blowers and compressors, and own some of the most recognisable brands in the world.

Our turbo compressors can be supplied either with an integrated or separate gearbox, to suit your needs and application requirements. Around the world, we have assembled a team of turbo machinery experts who are able to engineer a solution using any of our products. The modular approach and flexibility of our products ensure we deliver the ideal system.

We have an unrivalled installbase and a long track record of delivering solutions that are either predesigned or tailor-made, depending on your needs.   

Our range of turbo blowers encompasses industrial type blowers used in the power, mining and water industries. We also have turbo compressors that are suited for API specification type applications in the downstream oil and gas industry.



***New EasyAirTM Turbo

A fully integrated compact plug and play Turbo Blower, designed with high efficiency and low maintenance built in as standard.

Applications: Water industries, process air and general industrial applications.

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SG series

Howden's 'SG' range of turbo blowers and compressors provide high efficiency over a wide operating range.​

Applications: Power generation, Mining, Water industries and API specification type applications in the downstream oil and gas industry.

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SF series

Single stage turbo compressor with a semi-open impeller, the SF series can handle gas flows up to 600,000 m3/h. 

Processes: Sulfuric Acid Plants, Spent Acid Regeneration, Sulphur Recovery Units, Industrial Evaporation Processes, Zero Liquid Discharge, Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage, Chemical Plants.

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SFG Series compressor

SFG series

Highly efficient, integrally geared, single-stage turbo compressor providing state of the art safety and reliability.

Processes: Sulphur Recovery Unit, Industrial Evaporation Processes, Zero Liquid Discharge, Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage, Copper Converter Blower, Chemical Plants (PA, MA, MMA, EO/EG, Acrylic Acid, Oxo-Alcohol etc.)

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KA series

A single stage turbo compressor that has an advanced mechanical and aero-dynamical design and cutting edge control system.

Processes: BaseLINE for Waste Water, the customisable solution for waste water, Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD), Fermentation and enzyme production, Pulp and paper processes, Furnaces and smelters, Sulphur recovery (SRU) and more.

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SL series

The SL is a single-stage centrifugal compressor with openform impeller, with radially ending blades.

Processes: Coke gas service

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ST turbocompressor

ST series

An integral turbocompressor/steam turbine-unit with single shaft design. This compact design (the impeller and turbine wheel are supported on a single rotor stand) ensures very low steam consumption, high efficiency and minimum space requirements.

Processes: Sulphur Recovery Units, Spent Acid Regeneration, Sulfuric Acid Plants (Chemical / Fertilizer), Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage, Chemical Plants.

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EGR series

The EGR compressor is a one-stage turbo-compressor with oil lubricated bearings, direct driven with an asynchronous motor and a variable frequency drive.

Processes: Marine applications

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Roots H series

The Roots H Series compressor is a horizontally split multi stage centrifugal compressor that complies to API 617.


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R series

The R series is a single-stage centrifugal turboblower with closed impeller in fabricated, modular design allowing optimum adaption to nearly all process requirements.

Applications: Sulfuric Acid Plants, Sulphur Recovery Units, Tail Gas Treatment Units, Chemical Plants.

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The natural gas value chain relies on availability and safety. We are a single source for LNG production, processing, transport and storage technology.


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