The M127 compressor is engineered with a suite of specification options which meet the design and build needs of compressor packagers as well as reduce the operating costs for end users.

Howden has unrivalled knowledge, experience and expertise in designing, manufacturing and applying industrial standard screw compressor technology to the refrigeration, oil and gas, power and other industry sectors – Howden Compressors, in the late 1930s, was the first company in the world to commercialise screw compressors. The new M127 screw compressor is an important addition to our already industry-leading wide range of oil injected industrial bare shaft products.

The new M127 has improved overall efficiency compared to previous 127mm models, due in part to the new high efficiency rotor profile allowing high volume and low power consumption able to operate with variable speed drive to control capacity (1500 – 6000 rpm).

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M127 Screw Compressor

Features and benefits of the M127 screw compressor

Modular design for ease of packaging

Offers flexibility for selection of most suitable component options. Access for inspection and service is greatly simplified – down time is minimised.

Advanced rotor profiles

Howden’s unique rotor profiles enable improved performance and efficiency.

High quality anti-friction bearings used throughout

Ensures accurate rotor positioning and saves energy, for optimum performance and component life.

Options for capacity control

Capacity control steps of approximately 50% and 75% can be provided if the poppet valve option is selected. These can be used alone or in conjunction with variable speed or stop/start operation according to control requirements

Central oil supply point for lubrication

Central lubrication of bearings, actuation of the poppet valves and injection into the compressor chamber simplifies the lubrication system and reduces cost of packaging.

Ability to handle high oil injection temperatures

Higher oil injected temperatures allow the use of an oil cooler which reduces the cost for the packager, especially when the machine is operated in high ambient temperature environment.

M127 Screw Compressor parts

Key markets for the new M127

Oil and gas

The M127 is an ideal small volume capacity machine for the natural gas field extraction applications. Either using variable speed drive or bolt on reduction gearbox the fluctuations in field pressure can be satisfied. Foot mounting or flanged mounting the compressor/drive provides a packaged compact assembly.

Notable features:

  • Clockwise rotation with gears.
  • Acceptable increased oil supply temperature.
  • Simple lubrication system.
  • Operating at variable speeds.
  • Non-pumped lubrication.

Waste heat recovery expanders

The M127 basic design compressor is also used as an expander, which uses waste heat from internal combustion engines exhaust and cooling jacket, chemical industries, food processing, wet steam from geothermal aquifers (natural and man-made) etc., to generate useful power. This involves reversing the direction of rotation of the rotors.


Industrial refrigeration

The M127 industrial-standard screw compressor's main field of operation is industrial refrigeration, able to handle a range of natural and alternative refrigerants suitable for central plant, multiple and stand alone or chiller packages providing finite control following closely product loading with increased performance.

Notable features:

  • Internal capacity control mechanism.
  • Non-pumped lubrication.
  • Operating at variable speeds.
  • Smaller footprint.

Full aftermarket support

Howden's compressor products are supported throughout their lifetime with original spare parts and aftermarket services provided via our global compressor service network. Our technical experts can offer you advice and support with all aspects of compressor maintenance from spares and repairs through to full service re-build.


M127 Options

M127 Screw Compressor options

The M127 is available with a range of options which can be selected to suit particular or specific applications. Offering Howden certified accessories together with the compressor enables the packager to reduce the supply chain network.

1. Suction Strainer

The suction strainer ensures that any particles of dirt or corrosion is captured before the gas enters the compressor.

2. Gear Box

All M127 variants are designed to be driven from the discharge end of the compressor. This allows it to be directly coupled to engine drives of up to 150kW (200HP) without any reversal and with the correct direction of rotation.

3. SAE-Flange

The SAE-Flange is made from high grade grey iron and designed to be easily mounted or dismounted from the machine with minimal disruption.

4. D-Flange

To simplify mounting and ensure correct alignment between the compressor and the prime mover, the machine is designed to be coupled directly to the motor, using either a D-Flange or a SAE-Flange

5. Vi Control

When required the machine can be equipped with variable Vi control to optimise performance at varying pressure ratios.

6. Poppet Valve

Poppet valve enabled variants are used to control the capacity of the machine when operating conditions do not allow the use of variable frequency or speed drives.

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