Oil Free Bare Shaft Screw Compressors

Howden is the world pioneer and a leading manufacturer and supplier of twin screw compressors.

​Our range of oil free screw compressors are available in different configurations and materials providing the most compact arrangement, to allow the handling of gases with high levels of liquid, dirt and particulates. These configurations are eminently suitable for use with hazardous or corrosive gases, or where contamination is an issue.


​Max Pressure Up to 15bar a​ ​218 psia
​Max Power ​Up to 4,000 kW ​5,364 hp
​Max Flow rate ​Up to 26,000 sm3/hr ​22.04 mmScfd
​Max Speed ​Up to 15,000 rpm

Key Features

  • Due to the absence of oil, the oil free machine has a much lower viscous friction than the oil injected machine. As a consequence, it can be operated at higher speeds which result in a higher volumetric delivery.


  • Oil free gas delivery.
  • Positive displacement / rotary action.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • High integrity design.
  • High tolerances to particulates, liquids and dirty gases.


  • Oil-free screw compressors are used in processes such as:
  • Vapour recompression
  • Gas gathering
  • Sour gas handling
  • Gas re-liquefaction
  • Flare gas recovery

Why choose Howden oil free bare shaft screw compressors?

Global Presence, Local Service

In our experience, there is no substitute for local support; that’s why we have local teams ready to help.

Innovation and experience

In the 1930s Howden was the world’s first commercial developer and manufacturer of rotary twin screw compressors, and remains at the forefront of the technology.

Matched to your needs

A wide choice of configurations and application-focused design services allows us to precisely match your requirements.

Dry gas seals

Howden can offer high technology dry gas seals as a specification option on our range of oil free screw compressors.

Manufacturing excellence

State of the art machine tools are used to attain the highest possible accuracy and tolerances to produce compressors with efficiency and outstanding reliability.

Hydrodynamic bearings

Our oil free screw compressors utilise hydrodynamic bearings consisting of single shell white metal bearings and in general are limited by the absolute pressure they can carry.

Testing Studio

Screw Compressor Testing Studio

Witness testing is a critical stage of the customer experience when purchasing a compressor, Howden have transformed its customer experience with the upgrade of the test studio in the screw compressor manufacturing facility in Renfrew, Scotland.

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Compressors Brochure

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Parts & Service

Lifetime Support

Our lifelong aftercare service will supply original replacement parts, support you with maintenance and installation, and even train your own engineers in maintenance techniques. We keep detailed plant records almost indefinitely, and regularly supply spare parts for machinery over 50 years old.

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