Dynamic balancing of rotating elements is an important aspect of manufacturing and repair of any turbomachinery.

An unbalanced rotating element can cause:

  • major operational difficulties
  • internal damage


  • delays in facility start-up
  • reduction of machine efficiency and reliability
  • dramatical cost increase for operation and maintenance

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CKD Rotor

Our Czech balancing Centre (Formerly ČKD Kompresory)

Our investment in our Czech facility means that we can offer a range of balancing options, we have worked with Schenck to ensure top class machinery is available to provide world class service.

High-speed balancing machines (vacuum)


Low-speed balancing machines (atmosphere)

R5U, H30B, PASIO50

Spin-testing machine (vacuum)


Howden ČKD facility is suitable to balance rotors with the following maximum characteristics:

Rotor weight max.​ ​20,000 kg
​Speed ​max. ​20,000 rpm
Rotor diameter ​max. ​2,050 mm
Rotor length ​max. 7,000 mm​
ISO 21940 – 11
ISO 21940 – 12
API Standard 612
API Standard 617
Individual norms required by our customers
Internal balancing norm TKZ_9-209050-529
Compressor being balanced

Why do the balancing with Howden

Prompt response for RFQs: We submit quote within 3 working days after RFQ receipt.

High Quality Services: Over 50 years of experience in HSB and rotor repairs.

Quick Solutions: Lead-time for rotor balancing is ~16 working hours. We balance >150 rotors a year.

Full Technical Support: We provide drawings of the tools and additional parts which are necessary for HSB.

Big Storage of Bearings and Drive Adapters

Time Flexibility

Workshop Availability:
We offer using our workshop and machinery if additional machining jobs on rotor are required.

Multi-Lingual Sales Team: We speak Czech, German, English and Russian.

We do our high speed balancing at Howden ČKD because ... Howden always satisfy balancing quality with very good support before, during and after HSB, and offer flexibility with changes in time schedule

Mr. Peter Mieslinger , TGM Kanis Station


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