Tunnel fans fire testing

Monday, 13 December 2021





Safety is a key requirement within infrastructure tunnels. Operators need to know that in cases of emergency that ventilation systems can continue to operate for long enough to maximise the escape of people within the tunnel.

As part of this, Howden develops fans to extract smoke while withstanding high temperatures in accordance with industry standards across the world.

During the past year, our fans have been going through a series of testing at the German Institute MPA Braunschweig to the EN-12101-3:2015 fire test standard. This complements previous testing and individual tests that are done at customer request by ensuring that our whole range is certified by an independent notified body.

As a result, both our axial fan and jet fan products have range certificates covering performance in temperatures of 250oC and 400oC for 2 hours.

Our axial fan series (UMAF) were tested in vertical and horizontal configuration with motors ranging from 45kW to 710kW. Our jet fan series were tested with motors ranging from 15kW to 90kW.

Find out more about our fan range here: Tunnel Fans | Fans | Howden

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