Howden supplies fans to first biomass power plant in Hainan, China

Tuesday, 19 July 2022




Howden has supplied centrifugal fans to Ningbo Energy Group for the first biomass power plant in Hainan province, China.

Ningbo Energy Group specialises in thermal power and thermal renewable projects. The biomass boiler plant in Hainan will operate a 30MW steam turbine generator set, primarily running on 250,000 tons of agricultural and forestry waste per year. It is designed to generate about 246m KwH of energy per year, creating an annual income of 160m RMB. And as a biomass power plant, it emits fewer pollutant gases than an equivalent fossil fuel plant.

The plant will provide heat and steam to the local industrial parks under planning, and it is expected that the collection, storage and transportation of the agricultural and forestry waste will drive economic development in the surrounding areas. The plant ash produced can also be provided to agricultural companies or farmers as potash fertilizer, protecting the environment and helping with the development of the circular economy.

Howden provided three centrifugal fans, which make a significant contribution to this renewable energy project by further lowering power consumption, improving energy savings and economic benefit, and helping to reduce harmful emissions.

The global energy transition is a focus for leaders and businesses around the world, and Howden is proud to play a role in supplying products that support these vital processes. With the development of the first biomass power plant in Hainan province, and a history of championing thermal renewable projects, Ningbo Energy Group has gradually become an important promoter of the development of China's recycling energy industry. We’re also happy to know that the energy created by the plant will power the surrounding area, and the plant itself will support residents, farmers and the local economy.

Harold Lang, Group Vice President and China President at Howden

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