Howden supplies turbocompressors to the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, Nashville

Wednesday, 19 October 2022




Howden has completed a contract to supply four KA compressors to the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. This facility is responsible for cleaning 330 million gallons of water every day in Nashville, Tennessee.

Selected for its rapid delivery of equipment and its reuse of the facility’s existing footprint, Howden delivered two KA44SV-GL315 and two KA66SV-GL400 blowers to the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. Howden customised its state-of-the-art equipment to the plant’s specifications, improving the efficiency of the aeration system while minimising energy consumption.

Howden’s turbocompressors will provide vital oxygen to the plant’s wastewater aeration process, enabling the transformation of reclaimed waste into fertiliser at its biosolids facility while safely treating used water for wildlife and recreation. Howden’s technology is critical to the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant’s ongoing modernisation project, which will increase capacity to over 400 million gallons of water per day while sustainably protecting the local Cumberland River.

As the largest facility of its kind in Nashville, the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant required a reliable aeration system to deliver clean water to the city. With our highly-efficient KA turbocompressors, the facility can optimise the wastewater treatment process by cutting down the process time and costs while increasing energy efficiency.

We were delighted to visit the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant earlier this year and we look forward to continuing to support the facility’s goal to create a sustainable future for Nashville by producing cleaner water with our smart aeration technology.

Mark Sanders, President of Americas at Howden

Howden supplies a wide range of high-efficiency blowers and compressors that conform to all technical standards prior to delivery to ensure long-term durability and minimal maintenance. And with innovative digital solutions for smart aeration systems, Howden’s technology enhances the management of effluent from municipal sewage systems and from many industrial processes where liquid organic effluents are produced as a by-product.

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Howden supplies turbocompressors to the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, Nashville.

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