Howden agrees outage service provision with Millmerran

Tuesday, 19 July 2022




Howden has signed a long-term service agreement with Millmerran Power Station to provide full turnkey outage services for its boiler draft plant.

Over the next five years, Howden will deliver more than 95,000 hours of outage services, monitoring 16 assets including air heaters; induced draft, primary air, and forced draft fans; ducting; and baghouses. Howden will strategically plan and execute the outage services, with more than 65 people on site providing technical expertise, supervision, trade labour, and tooling.

Due to the short duration of each outage, Howden has improved its schedules, work methods and scope to maximise productivity and deliver best practice as it executes its monitoring. This optimises performance and efficiency, and supports the ongoing operation of Millmerran’s critical asset.

Howden has worked with Millmerran for 20 years, commissioning and delivering equipment and providing outage services. This is a significant relationship and we have upgraded our existing field service capabilities with expanded local tooling, spare part stock and warehouse facilities to deploy this service, as well as investing in our estimating, scheduling and planning capabilities to ensure Howden continues to evolve our service delivery best practice.

Our team is laser focused on delivering the most value for our customer, and doing the right thing in order to create a sustainable long term partnership with customers like Millmerran. We are looking forward to continuing this relationship over the next five years and delivering the service they have come to expect.

Camille Levy, President of Asia Pacific at Howden

Howden provides a multi-platform aftercare service for maximising performance and longevity. Partnering with Howden is the key to continuous, efficient plant performance with minimum downtime once it’s up and running. Outage services, in particular, support ongoing performance, reduce failure risk, avoid lost revenue, and improve return on investment.


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