Customers keep coming back to Howden when they want additional HV-TURBO® compressors

Tuesday, 15 December 2020




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Over the years Howden have had the pleasure of delivering big flow single stage integrally geared turbo compressors, from our HV-TURBO range, to several wastewater treatment plants around the world.

Satisfied customers is our core value. Customers who return for additional compressors are the best recommendation, which is why we are so proud of the example included here:


A wastewater treatment plant in Munich contacted us requiring a large flow and high pressure turbo compressor, specifically with the flow requirement 75,000Nm³/h and pressure 1,530 bar(a). Our specialist teams entered a partnership with the customer to ensure that all project related requirements were solved optimally. As a result, we installed the first of several HV-TURBO compressors to this wastewater treatment plant. This was just the beginning of a long and ongoing happy relationship:

  • 1984 - one HV-TURBO KA100SV-GL500 with flow 75,000 Nm³/h and the pressure 1,530 bar(a)
  • 1992 - one HV-TURBO KA100SV-GL500 with flow 75,000 Nm³/h and the pressure 1,530 bar(a)
  • 1997 - one HV-TURBO KA80SV-GL500 with flow 65,000 Nm³/h and pressure 1,600 bar(a)
  • 2004 - one HV-TURBO KA66SV-GL400 with flow 32,000 Nm³/h and pressure 1,410 bar(a)
  • 2020 – modification of KA66SV-GL400 (pressure increase)

Today we are still in contact with the customer performing service on all installed compressors.

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Bright Futures

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