01 February 2018


Global partnership agreements announced with PTC and Microsoft, to support the overall digital growth of our gas- and fluid-handling business

Data Driven Advantage (DDA) is one of the key growth strategies for 2018 in Howden. In essence, DDA is mainly about deriving value through a multitude of capabilities enabled by inexpensive data collection, storing and processing technologies, with a clear goal to drive differentiation and enable value to existing products/ platforms.


Establishing a successful DDA strategy for us, as the solutions providers, is all about deriving growth in the space around our products and not directly through our products and this will result in increased product value through a suite of digital solutions.


Essential to the success of the Howden DDA strategy are the global partnership agreements that Colfax have signed at the end of 2017 with PTC and Microsoft, to support the overall digital growth of its gas- and fluid-handling and fabrication technology products and services to customers around the world. As a result, both Howden and ESAB will employ PTC ThingWorx and Microsoft Azure at the core of their individual DDA strategies. The PTC partnership, specifically, allows us to leverage a world leading Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) platform that includes smart analytics, AI powered machine learning, augmented reality and much more.


This very solution was recently assessed by Forrester in a report which evaluated PTC and 10 other vendors on a wide range of criteria for IoT software platforms, which "help simplify deploying, managing, operating, and capturing insights from IoT-enabled connected devices". The results of this report, summarised below, place PTC ahead of the other players in this space.


PTC Forrester report


Colfax, and therefore Howden and ESAB, will be further enabled in their digital transformation journeys by the mutual collaboration recently formalised between PTC and Microsoft, which will support us with completely integrated world leading IoT solutions.

With ThingWorx and Azure, Colfax will be able to capitalize on the opportunities inherent in the Internet of Things to quickly grow and scale its operations.

- Ryan Cahalane VP for Digital Growth, Colfax


- Full PTC press release on Microsoft partnership.


- Full PTC press release on COLFAX partnership.


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