A first for Australian mining sector as Howden installs application at Fosterville Gold Mine

Friday, 17 June 2022




Howden has secured a contract for the upgrade of an existent license of its innovative Ventsim™ CONTROL system at the Agnico Eagle Fosterville Gold Mine in Victoria, Australia.

The initial installation of Ventsim™ CONTROL Level 3 (scheduling and flow control) has already greatly improved the operability and flexibility of the ventilation system, as well as providing efficiency to pay for itself in just six months. Now, in a first for the Australian mining sector, the mine tracking system will be integrated to Ventsim™ CONTROL Level 4.  This will provide real time feedback on the vehicle locations in Ventsim™ CONTROL to adjust the ventilation automatically based on demand.

This next stage contract for Fosterville mine is significant for Australian mining and the Howden Ventsim™ team, as it represents the first Ventsim™ CONTROL Level 4 system that has been commissioned remotely as well as a first in APAC.  The success of the operation and the level of power it saves serve as a test case for further installations of Ventsim™ CONTROL globally. The fact that the system paid for itself within six months is impressive.

;As the system allows the mine to optimise its ventilation based on fully remote vehicle and personnel monitoring, it directly contributes to Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction targets – something of which the Howden team is very proud.

Camille Levy, President of the Asia Pacific (APAC) Region at Howden

Level 4 - Ventilation on Demand (VOD) is the process of adjusting mine air flow in real-time based on vehicle and personnel position.  Ventsim™ CONTROL provides an ‘on demand’ solution for mine ventilation. Software connected to hardware devices remotely monitors, controls and automates airflow. The technology provides safer ventilation that is more productive and cost effective. The Ventsim™ CONTROL solution also offers a 3D modelling capability within the software, which helps users to better predict and control air flows based on what is evidenced in the simulation.

Further information including case studies can be found on the Ventsim™ CONTROL webpage

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