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Producing the highest quality blowers & compressors in the industry.

Howden is committed to manufacturing the highest quality blowers & compressors in the industry. We employ state of the art machine tools to attain the highest possible accuracy and tolerances that allow us to produce our range with optimum efficiency and outstanding reliability.

All Howden turbo blowers & compressors bear the European Standard’s C.E. mark (when supplied within the European Union) and comply with international standards and codes including API.

Our quality systems are continually assessed by Lloyds Register and certified to ISO9001:2008, ensuring consistent quality throughout all aspects of the design and manufacture process.

System design

Howden can offer a standard design of turbo compressor to API 672 4th edition or API 617 7th edition, with minimum deviations.

Using the latest CAD technology, customised packaged sets are designed to comply with the requirements of international standards such as API, ASME (VIII DIV1), BS, DIN, GOST, AD. Drawings and manuals can be provided in electronic format to facilitate incorporation with total project documentation.

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turbo blower blades

Performance Curves

The performance curves below show lines of constant actual machine efficiency relative to design efficiency throughout flow range and isentropic head range.


IGV: Inlet Guide Vane Control

VVD: Variable Vane Diffuser Control

CVC: Combined Vane Control


Maximising operating efficiency

Inlet guide vane control

Inlet guide vane control assembly is fitted to the blower/compressor to enhance efficient capacity control whilst retaining the simple constant speed motor.

Variable diffusers for flow control

Diffuser vane control assemblies are incorporated within the blower/compressor to achieve efficient capacity control whilst retaining the simple constant speed motor.

Combined vane control

Maintains high design efficiency over a wider range air flow and ambient temperature range than either of the individual control systems.


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